Warehousing and Distribution Services

Razor Logistics has partnered with multiple warehouse and distribution companies around the nation to ensure our clients have the capability to optimize their logistics. By strategically placing your product closer to your consumers you can reduce cost dramatically. This will also allow your company the flexibility to grow without adding additional facilities. Razor has the partners and technology to facilitate every aspect of your logistics supply and distribution chain. Razor even coordinates FTZ and bonded warehousing.

Razor Warehousing and Distribution Locations:

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Client Testimonials

Our clients' awesome feedback says it all.

I don’t need big things shipped very often, but I recently needed a pallet shipped to me and decided to try these guys out because I was quoted a better price than everyone else I called. I expected to have a long wait due to the cheaper price but it actually showed up way quicker than expected. I recommend them to anyone.

Luke P.

Business Owner

Our timelines are crazy it’s nice to have a logistics company that doesn’t take advantage of you. The owner told me once “Logistics is the only industry you can’t throw money at it to solve the problem, it makes it worse” We’ve had dozens of vehicles shipped all over the US each time it gets even easier! Thanks RAZOR!!!!

Nicholas A.

Business Owner

Razor Logistics is our only choice in Logistics. We use him daily from our San Diego and Lawrenceville GA warehouse to ship furniture, art, hotel items, artist canvas, and lots of other things. He won our exclusivity due to his customer support, low rates and personalized service. Mike Johnston is awesome and his staff is exceptional!

Jim P.

Business Owner