Invoice Auditing Services

Take the weight off your Accounts Payable team! Razor consolidates all invoices into one, pre-audited, report to reduce time spent. Our unique invoicing has surely saved our clients days of work.

Did you know industry analysts believe that 15-66% of freight invoice errors go unnoticed when clients are not utilizing internal or outsourced freight auditing services? Rest easy knowing Razor audits every invoice at no extra cost to you. In the event the invoiced amount does not match what you were quoted, Razor’s team investigates and carries out the dispute communication on your behalf. Thanks to Razor’s initial onboarding process, it is often that Razor is able to dispute with no additional information from you.

Our customizable reports allow you to view all invoices at a glance versus sorting through each individually. Our advanced TMS also allows you access to your current statement at all times. 

Do you own multiple companies that ship from the same location, at the same time, and need to keep their invoicing separate? No problem! Ask about our business management feature in TMS where you can control freight for multiple businesses with one login!