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Less-Than-Truckload – The LTL market is the highest service- demanding segment of our industry. Razor was founded with LTL as our primary focus and area of competence. With 1000s of carriers to choose from you need a logistics company that can help partner you with the carriers who will benefit your business the most. Razor will educate you on carrier capabilities and levels of service, so you can select the right carriers for your business. Razor's network of LTL carriers can service anywhere in the world LTL services are offered. Specializing in Domestic US, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico. Razor also offers Expedited and Deferred service options to match your customers’ needs and budget.

Truckload – Truckload has become more challenging in the recent months with additional driver requirements and limitations. To ensure your company can perform you need someone on your team that is constantly sourcing carriers and who can help you plan for upcoming capacity shortages. From contract truckload to spot market quotes Razor has you covered. Utilizing direct carrier relationships, load boards, and spot market trending tools Razor will ensure your loads are always covered and that you never pay more than you need too.

Rail and Intermodal – Having options is the key to ensuring your company is operating as efficiently as possible. Rail and Intermodal options can greatly reduce your cost if you plan ahead, and know which providers to use. Razor Logistics will identify the right providers based on your companies needs and we stay involved operationally to ensure expected service levels are met.

Warehousing and Distribution – Razor Logistics has partnered with multiple warehouse and distribution companies around the nation to ensure our clients have the capability to optimize their logistics. By strategically placing your product closer to your consumers you can reduce cost dramatically. This will also allow your company the flexibility to grow without adding additional facilities. Razor has the partners and technology to facilitate every aspect of your logistics supply and distribution chain. Razor even coordinates FTZ and bonded warehousing

International Import and Export – Razor Logistics can help you navigate the complexities of Import and Export for all levels of service including FCL, LCL, AIR Freight, and Ocean. With inhouse Customs professionals and a network of premier providers we can ensure your products are cleared and ready when they arrive to any country in the world. Handling everything from customs, drayage, transloading, to final mile delivery. We can facilitate door to door or anything in-between. Razor even coordinates FTZ and bonded warehousing.

E-Commerce / Amazon –  With more business going direct to consumers and Amazon facilities Razor has created a network of carriers to accommodate both scenarios. We understand the requirements needed to ensure seamless service and Razor can ensure your customers are receiving your products and Amazon is not charging you back for missed appointments, late shipments, or product labeling issues. Razor can handle direct white glove final mile shipments and we understand Amazon appointment and receiving requirements. NO CHARGE BACKS!


Transportation Management System (TMS) - Razor Logistics invests in our partners by offering a state of the art transportation management system with API, EDI 214 / EDI 210, and XML capabilities.


Connecting your carriers, customers, accounts payable, and much more to streamline your operations and eliminate wasted time and money.


Online rating, booking and tracking shipments, print documents such as BOL’s and invoices, run reports, and access your statement anytime.


Razors TMS is accessible 24 hours a day with live information and is customizable at every level to ensure you’re well connected and have access to the information you need when you need it.


The best part is that Razor provides full access with all the bells and whistles at no cost to our clients!


Mobile applications available for ease of access from anywhere at any time from any device.


Contact Razor today to set up a demonstration!


Partnering with Razor Logistics will save your company in more ways than just reducing freight costs. It will also save your company be simplifying your accounting practices.

Freight Bill Auditing – Razor audits all carrier freight invoices and creates a weekly report for our clients showing any discrepancies compared to quoted freight costs. If errors are made on the carriers’ side Razor automatically disputes inaccuracies on your behalf saving you time and money.

Simplified Accounts Payable - You receive one invoice to pay weekly and Razor pays your carriers, so you no longer must sort through invoices and quoted costs to compare. We do the work for you.

Guaranteed Rates – Razor guarantees every rate we provide our clients. If the information you provide us for each shipment is accurate and complete we guarantee you will never pay more than what you are quoted. EVER! *

Credit Management and Repair – By allowing Razor to manage your accounts payable you will never again have missed or late payments. Razor pays every carrier on time every time. This is one of the main reasons that carriers love working with Razor Logistics. If you’re having issues with extending your credit lines and getting better freight rates due to late payments and less then perfect credit Razor is a great way to get back on track and improve your credit rating with providers.

*all rates are subject to final delivery charges and shippers are liable for their consumers delivery requests that were not originally requested such as liftgate, appointment, residential, hotel, etc…


Strategic Planning - Razor invests in our clients by taking the time to thoroughly analyze your current supply chain and operations data. Our team of professionals ask the right questions and listen to your company’s challenges. Only then can Razor offer solutions based on your companies needs and together we can design a system, implement carriers of your choosing, and put together a logistics program that will best suit your companies needs for today and tomorrow. Razor doesn’t stop there, we stay involved at your side ensuring excellence daily. Razor will also consistently work to improve your operations and as your challenges evolve so will your solutions and capabilities. With Razor at your side you will have a professional logistics management team ensuring your company is one step ahead instead of one step behind.

Carrier and Service Provider selection – With literally tens of thousands of logistics providers to chose from you need a logistics partner that understands each provider, their strengths and their weaknesses. No provider can do everything perfect but by diversifying your carrier and service provider selections you can better ensure the options you have will more than fulfill your customers expectations. Razor not only helps you better understand each providers ability, but we constantly monitor our carrier’s performance for all our clients and if service drops from a carrier in a specific region we notify you of any issues before you experience failures. Razor also consistently sources, vets, and adds new providers to ensure you have options based on both rates and service levels.

Contract and Rate Negotiations – Razor has negotiated numerous carrier and service provider contracts over the past 27 years and we understand what it takes to protect our clients best interest. Razor’s legal team has you covered by ensuring providers perform to the agreed levels at the agreed rates with legal contracts. With legally binding contracts in place your company will not have to worry about rates changing overnight. Razor is also proactive in managing your rate contracts by facilitating re-negotiations weeks and months prior to contract expirations keeping you involved every step of the way. One very big area you won’t have to worry about managing any longer.


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